Maintenance Supervisor – Job Code – 7016776


Hurst, TX – 173 Units – Zip Code - 76053


Maintenance Supervisor – Job Code – 7016776

Date Available


Job Description

Maintenance of the property in attractive, safe and quality condition, providing customer service and assisting the Property Manager in the operation of the property and supervision of the maintenance staff.

Make Ready Technicians, Service Technicians, Groundskeepers, and Housekeepers. Assists Property Manager in supervising work of outside contractors.

Essential functions of the position are to:

• Inspect and maintain the property, buildings and equipment in an attractive, clean and safe condition at all times in accordance with company policies and procedures.
• Organize, prioritize and complete unit make-readies, service requests and general maintenance tasks according to company standards in a timely manner.
• Provide training and supervision to maintenance personnel.
• Supervise and ensure satisfactory performance of contractors and vendors.
• Ensure that the grounds, buildings and units are fully functional, safe and attractive. Inspect grounds, buildings and units on a regular basis.
• Correct emergency conditions such as sewer backup, flooding and defective lighting when they occur, whether before, during or after business hours, and notify the Property Manager immediately.
• Follow all safety procedures including wearing safety and protective clothing. Report and safety hazards found and correct on a timely basis.
• Responsible for proper and cost-effective use of equipment and materials.
• Maintain inventories of supplies, tools and equipment needed for maintenance and repairs. (Supplies may be ordered only upon receipt of Property Manager’s approval.)
• Notify Property Manager in a timely manner of supplies needed to complete unit make-readies and service requests.
• Implement preventative maintenance, safety and good housekeeping practices.
• Adhere strictly to the requirements of the Safety Manual.
• Follow all safety procedures, including wearing personal protective clothing.
• Responsible for labeling hazardous materials and maintaining Safety Data Sheets and other records required by law.
• Assist with disturbances during business hours and other property emergencies whenever they occur.
• Attend company meetings, training sessions and safety and industries seminars.
• Notify Property Manager of potential liability claims and assist in monitoring and alleviating such claims.
• Perform other tasks assigned by Property Manager in operation of the property.

Minimum Tools Required
Hammer, screw driver set, socket set, wrench set, including pipe and allen, circular power saw, hand saw, acetylene torch set, electric drill, tape measure and tool box.

Work Hours
40 Hours per week and “on call” emergencies. Other overtime when requested and prior, written approval received. Seven days per week, 24 hours per day availability on an “on call” basis is critical.

Job Requirements

Excellent interpersonal skills and customer focus are prerequisites for the position.
In addition, the position requires the following:

• Professional image
• Excellent communication skills
• Strong customer service orientation
• Ability to read and write English fluently (Spanish or other language abilities may be required)
• Ability to accurately perform mathematical functions
• Ability to perform basic data entry computer skills preferred but not required
• Good organizational ability
• Knowledge of basic mechanical concepts
• Knowledge of multifamily residential property maintenance requirements
• Ability to maintain, repair and paint buildings, vacant units, offices, driveways and walkways, and other areas of the property
• Ability to perform mechanical, electrical and plumbing repairs
• Ability to operate electrical and gas motorized equipment, including pool and spa pumps and equipment, mower, edger, blower, power washer and compactor
• Ability to operate motor vehicles and golf carts

Employment Type: Full-Time - Experienced 
Bilingual Required: No 
Travel Required: No 
Weekends: Yes 
Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent 
Base Salary:  


Minimum qualification requirements for the position are:

• High school graduate or equivalent
• Valid driver’s license
• Drug free
• Two years maintenance experience in property management or related field
• Must have HVAC and EPA certification - other State certifications a plus
• Possession of Minimum Tools Required (please see attached list)
• Ability to be available “on call” 24 hours, seven days per week
• Ability and skills to perform job functions (please see below)

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