Client Services

Full Service Property Management

Myan Management prides itself in our ability to perform all tasks necessary for our portfolios to lead the market where they are located. We strive to achieve the highest occupancy and rental rates in the market today. Owners receive weekly and monthly reports on the required deadline dates. Budgets are carefully scrutinized to ensure that the forecasts are realistic and attainable. We encourage contact between owners and Regional Managers to allow critical decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Regional Manager portfolios are limited so there is adequate time to visit each property on a weekly basis. Site visits include discussions on occupancy, staffing, make-ready units, marketing, pricing, and maintenance issues. Regional Managers are held accountable for the operations of their properties; therefore, it is imperative that weekly site visits are constructive and economically beneficial. In addition to weekly site visits, monthly financial reviews ensure that each property is meeting the goals and financial expectations of its Owner.

Due Diligence Services

Myan Management Group is proud to offer comprehensive due diligence services for clients involved in potential acquisitions of apartment communities. The following information is typically included in Myan's full service due diligence package, but listed in greater detail. Personalized packages are also available upon request.

100% Lease Audit Inspection Information
Includes detailed lease/household data obtained from a thorough inspection of all lease files as well as additional per unit income data along with delinquent and prepaid resident information.

Interior Unit & Common Area/Work Order Inspection Information
Includes detailed interior unit information obtained from a thorough inspection of all occupied and vacant apartment units.

Exterior building and common area condition assessment and photos, including parking lot, landscaping, swimming pool, & signage evaluation.

Assessment of 12 months of available service request/work order data, including recurring issues, water intrusion, etc.

Confirm personal property inventory.

Assessments of Service Contracts, Staffing, Operational Procedures, and 12 Month Budgets
Review and provide recommendations on vendor or contract additions or changes of current contracts in place.

Includes assessment of current onsite employees, salaries and other personnel related information.

Complete 5 year capital improvement plan with associated costs.

Assessment of existing budget or preparation of new 12 month budget in standard budget format.

Comprehensive Market Information
Includes a comprehensive market survey of competitor properties' occupancy, rates, amenities, specials, etc.

Evaluation of existing marketing efforts, and providing market trend , demographic, and statistic reports.

Third Party Inspections*
Includes but is not limited to Roofing inspection, Termite inspection, HVAC inspection, Fire inspection.

*Provided at additional cost to client.

Miscellaneous Documentation
Pricing and estimated delivery time depend on individual property size and due diligence requirements. Additional items may be added to proposal at an added cost.